Cakes n Cupcakes

Came across this poem and loved it… Thank you Irene C S ClarkHogg for your delightful words

Sonnet Cakes

Catch a passing flock of words
Put them in a pan
To make a happy sonnet
For your favourite man.

Add a pinch of rhythm
A spoonful of rhyme
Pop them in the oven
Then wait some time

Check if they are burning
Consult with your muse
About variety in flavours,
In structure, different views.

Jolly sonnet cakes for tea
Some for you and some for me.

– Irene C S ClarkHogg


2 thoughts on “Cakes n Cupcakes

  1. hi, great blog. I just wanted to know if you had any idea where we an purchase all purpose flour in Mumbai? A lot of recipes call for AP Flour and we havent found a store that sells it yet. poeple tell me to substitute it with maida but all the online forums say it is not the same thing. would really appreciate it if you could tell us anything you know about this. we are using it to bake cupcakes.

    • Hi Salona… sorry for the delayed response. For me Maida is AP Flour. it’s All Purpose isn’t it. For forget technicalities hat many chose to get into and just use good old Maida

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