Pan Grilled Barbecue Chicken

If you’ve ever lived in Mumbai you’ll know that this city just doesn’t have the space to set up a Barbi unless you append an e at the end!

But I have this grill pan that works wonders.

So I put together a few aromatics (read spices)… quite a few aromatics actually, pan roasted them just a tad to release their natural flavours and oils, and pounded them in my mortar and pestle.

The aroma was heady…

Caution: Don’t stick your nose too close to the picture

Then coated the chicken quite liberally with it…

So it sat, that chicken… soaking in all those wonderful flavours. And then it was time for the wet rub (I used a bit of yoghurt)…

Before it hit the sizzling hot grill…

And finally a good dunking into my own blend of barbecue sauce (the yoghurt features here as well… )

Bon Apetit!

Or should I swing hammer to gong n yell… “Come n get it!”

2 thoughts on “Pan Grilled Barbecue Chicken

    • Oh no! Remember cooks n bakers always taste. I don’t do too much of the eating, but yes the fat does tend to stick on a bit more as you age merely from taking in the aroma and from all that tasting πŸ™‚

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